What’s that noise? Who or what dares to bother me while I’m working? I hear a loud, yet quiet noise (everything sounds loud when it bothers me). Where does it come from? What is it? Anyway. I can’t hear it anymore. Let me continue my work. I type and look around, wondering why Gmail didn’t filter that crappy spam email. I’m waiting for an email. Haven’t received it yet. Still waiting. Nothing. What’s that noise again? Maybe I’m just hallucinating. No. I’m not hallucinating. Others can hear it as well. But where does it come from? A few nights ago, a moth was stuck under my keyboard. Maybe that happened again. I lift my keyboard up. Nothing’s there. I can still hear the noise. I’m starting to talk to myself like an insane person. The noise stops when I start to talk. Anyway, we have unfini- NO, not that noise again! I’m listening. It’s coming from somewhere on the right side of my desk. But where exactly? All I have on the right side is a printer. Maybe my printer has gone crazy and started to do stuff on its own? Not possible. It’s not even plugged in. But the noise sounds exactly like that. Ooooh, I think, I know! I’m sure it’s a moth that got stuck in my printer! Wonderful… what could I say… What should I do now? How on Earth did it get stuck in there? I open the lid of my printer. Maybe it’s there. I was wrong. It wasn’t there. Maybe it got stuck somewhere on the backside? But why does it not come out then? I try to open the toner replacement container. Come out you damn thing! It’s not there. It stopped, hearing all the noises I made. It stopped. For a few minutes. For safety’s sake, I leave everthing open. It won’t come out. Where in the flying fuck did it get so stuck? I’m out of ideas. No… I actually do have an idea. Maybe… if I print something out it will come out with the paper? If it does, it won’t do it alive, for sure. Nope, won’t do that. I’m afraid that it will affect my future prints. I want them to be perfect (call me a perfectionist). I keep tapping the left side of my printer (gently, of course - I don’t want to damage anything), hoping that I can scare the heck out of that moth. Mission failed. Now, did I really not put a single line break in this post? Anyway, what does that even have to do with the entire situation? What am I talking about? The quiet noise starts to become a nerve-racking loud one. My anger just reached its highest level. Should I disassemble my printer now? How on Earth am I gonna do that anyway? I can’t see a single damn screw here. Maybe the moth isn’t in the printer at all? No, I’m sure it is. That’s where the noise is coming from. The left side of my printer. I drink a glass of water. I try to focus on work, but that noise keeps annoying me. If I had one wish, I would ask for getting rid of that little piece of shit from my printer. I’m searching on YouTube for some tutorials on how to disassemble my printer. Wait. What is that? Oh my God, I can’t believe it. A dizzy, derp, drunk-looking moth bumps into my computer’s screen. I think I’ve found the source of the noise! I rapidly close everything on my printer. The moth is gone. I have no idea where it went, but luckily, it won’t bother me anymore. My only reaction: burn in hell.